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Keep an eye on business income during divorce

Building a business is a difficult journey. When you and your spouse make this journey together, you can both reap the benefits of the hard work. But, what happens if you end up divorcing? The answer to this isn't always easy. For spouses who are in this position, there is one huge factor that you have to watch out for.

What property remains separate in a high asset divorce?

The process of deciding who gets what, also called asset division, is often one of the most complex and contested aspects of a divorce. Couples rarely agree on how to split what they've acquired during marriage and may not view the same outcomes as reasonable or fair. The more overall assets involved in a divorce, the greater the chance could be for discord between spouses. Barring a legally sound prenuptial agreement, it can be hard to predict the outcome of asset division.

Do you have a case for a good fortune child support adjustment?

When people typically request adjustments or modifications to child support, it has to do with a decrease in income. Losing a job, retiring, getting sick and many other factors can impact how much a non-custodial parent can feasibly pay in child support each month. When that happens, they file a modification request with the courts, who then review the original child support amount.

How a Florida divorce can impact your retirement

Not so long ago, divorce was seen as something pursued by younger couples, while those who were at or past the age of retirement were less likely to end their marriage. These days, however, divorces among older adults is increasingly common. More older Americans seek freedom and a fresh start as they begin to enjoy their golden years.

Protect what’s yours during divorce

If you are contemplating divorce, you may be worried about your financial future. You know you could be losing a significant portion of your marital assets, including up to half of your retirement account, your home in Naples and anything else that you acquired during the marriage. These worries are not uncommon among women facing divorce.

How are retirement accounts handled in a Florida divorce?

Other than your primary home, your retirement account could very well be your biggest asset. Particularly if you or your spouse are nearing retirement age, these accounts may be well-funded and represent a substantial portion of your income over the course of many years. If you are thinking about divorcing, you may worry about the potential impact on your retirement.

Divorce and retirement assets: What you need to know

One of the most complicated parts of dividing marital property is splitting up retirement accounts. Some property is easier to divide. For example, maybe you will take the dining room set and he will take the living room furniture. Other property, such as your Naples home and investment accounts, requires complicated calculations performed by appraisers and accountants before you make any decisions regarding division.

How Child Support Is Determined In Florida

Every state handles divorces a little differently. In the state of Florida, the courts create what is called a parenting plan. A parenting plan encompasses all of the critical components of co-parenting and custody, including visitation and shared custody time, child support amounts and other special considerations like the division of holiday time.

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