April is Parental Alienation Awareness Month in Brevard County

A Florida advocate for father's rights has succeeded in bringing more awareness to the problem of parental alienation in Brevard County. The Brevard County School Board has established April as Parental Alienation Awareness Month. That said, voting by the school board on the proclamation was split. The measure only gained approval via a vote of three for and two against.

Here are the arguments promoted by the measure:

  • When parents engage in alienating behaviors -- which may happen in contentious divorces -- children experience mental and emotional anguish. They are also deprived of their right to receive love and love their parents.
  • Cases of parental alienation involve one parent manipulating the emotional suggestibility of children, which takes away their right to feel secure and causes psychological consequences for them as adults.
  • Parental alienation is harmful to kids.
  • Parental Alienation Awareness Month is a time for caregivers, parents and service providers to remember the damage this behavior causes to children, and to promote everyone to do their part to prevent it.

The lawmakers who voted against the measure worried that the issue was not that cut-and-dry. One dissenting school board member suggested that not all parents should be in the lives of their children in certain cases.

If you're being deprived of your relationship with your kids because the other parent is poisoning your children against you, it could represent a violation of your legal rights. As such, you might be able to stand up for your rights in court and force the other parent not to discourage a loving relationship between you and your children.

Source: Florida Today, "Fathers' rights advocate gets victory with Brevard School Board's approval of proclamation," Dave Berman, April 06, 2018