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April is Parental Alienation Awareness Month in Brevard County

A Florida advocate for father's rights has succeeded in bringing more awareness to the problem of parental alienation in Brevard County. The Brevard County School Board has established April as Parental Alienation Awareness Month. That said, voting by the school board on the proclamation was split. The measure only gained approval via a vote of three for and two against.

Bird nest custody may truly be in the best interest of your child

Historically, child custody arrangements have involved kids behing shuttled between one parent's home and another's. A new type of custody arrangement, bird nesting, is quickly becoming popular though. While it's not ideal for many, some parents who are truly interested in doing what's in the best interest of their child are beginning to pursue it.

What is a parenting agreement and what happens if it's violated?

While, in the media, we hear a lot about those few custody cases that have gotten heated, there are plenty of other ones that are either resolved through mediation or some other type of collaboration. In the case of the latter, a parenting agreement is often drafted outside of court.

Grandparents charged with international child abduction in Miami

The former in-laws of a Texas physician who, for five years has been trying to win back custody of his American-born son, were arrested at Miami International Airport on Wednesday, Feb. 7. The Brazilians stand accused of having helped devise a ruse that would help their daughter abduct the doctor's now 8-year-old son back in 2013.

What's considered to be in the best interest of a child?

When judges are asked to render decisions in child custody cases, they're taught to do so by taking into account what's in the best interest of the child. While what a judge will consider to be most ideal for a child may be different in one jurisdiction versus another, there are some commonalities that exist.

Does cheating impact who will be awarded custody of a child?

Years ago, a scorned spouse who was able amass evidence that his or her ex had cheated on him or her would gain an upper hand in divorce proceedings for doing so. Nowadays, no-fault divorce dominates. As a result, it's become a lot less relevant whether a spouse had an affair or not when settling a divorce. Some legal experts suggest that it may still play a role as to how a judge decides a child custody matter though.

Choosing the right visitation plan for your infant

When you child is still an infant, maintaining your sanity as a parent is largely contingent upon establishing a predictable routine that you and your baby can follow. It can seem difficult to do, though, if you and your co-parent aren't living in the same home after separation or divorce.

Factors that can impact your ability to gain child custody

When it comes to a judge making child custody decisions, we often hear that they make decisions that they believe will be in the best interest of the child. It's important to note that there are some factors, surrounding that parent's living arrangements, that will greatly impact where they're allowed to ultimately live as well.

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