Divorce Mediation: A Great Option for Older Couples

When you're young, you're more likely to be hot tempered and fiery. Therefore, when younger couples divorce, tensions can run high and it may be difficult for them to get along and work out their differences diplomatically.

As for older couples -- in the 60-plus age range -- these individuals have had a lifetime to grow and mature. Perhaps your soon-to-be ex is not perfectly mature. However, the older he or she is, it's more likely that your spouse will have a better capacity to work with you during your divorce proceedings. For this reason, divorce mediation could be a great option for your situation.

How divorce mediation works

During divorce mediation, a mediator will facilitate peaceful negotiations and discussions between you and your spouse. The mediator functions as an impartial third-party, who is separate and not aligned with either your attorney, nor the attorney of your spouse.

The mediator will focus on your and your spouse's interests, giving both of you a chance to air your concerns on equal footing. His or her goal will be to promote understanding and communication at all times to achieve the following goals:

  • To arrive at a legally appropriate, equitable divorce agreement that is acceptable to both parties.
  • To avoid the costs, expenses and stresses associated with divorce court litigation.
  • To minimize the chances that the spouses will become hostile with one another.

When these three goals can be achieved, the advantages of mediation are clear. That said, not all spouses -- including more mature 60-plus spouses -- will have a successful mediation.

Mediation is not for all couples

Mediation proceedings are obviously not going to be appropriate for all couples. A skilled mediator can do a lot to guide couples -- even disagreeing couples -- toward reaching a peaceful divorce settlement. However, some spouses will not be able to get along no matter what a mediator does.

It is therefore important for couples to keep a realistic perspective when deciding whether divorce mediation is the correct path for them.