A Zealous Advocate For You And Your Child In Divorce

A common reason many people struggle to make the decision whether or not to divorce is the impact it will have on young children. Most parents want to spare their children the emotional turmoil of their parents ending their relationship. As difficult as it is, divorce is the right decision in many cases.

However, putting children in the middle of disputes regarding custody or any other issue is never the right thing to do. Even if you and your child's other parent disagree about custody, a parenting plan or other aspects of your divorce, it is unwise to involve young children in that disagreement.

At Long, Murphy & Zung, P.A., our lawyers help clients navigate the difficult decisions that must be resolved regarding the care and support of children following divorce or the end of a nonmarital relationship. We also assist parents when a life change requires relocating far enough away that adhering to an existing time-sharing plan becomes impossible, or when a significant life change requires a modification to an existing order, such as child support or custody.

Florida Laws Promote Shared Custody

In Florida, the courts promote a shared custody arrangement that provides both parents ample opportunity to participate in their child's life. In fact, the term "custody" has been replaced by the term "time sharing" to reflect this intent to keep both parents actively engaged. In making decisions regarding time sharing, Florida courts are governed by the "best interests of the child." The court considers more than 20 factors to reach a decision.

Of course, parents can reach agreement on time-sharing plans through negotiation and present them to the court for approval. Doing so helps both parents retain more control over the look and feel of their time-sharing plan, and it makes sense because the parents understand their child's needs much more than a family court judge.

We Put Your Child's Best Interests First

Our experienced attorneys want to help you do what is best for your child. We can help develop a comprehensive parenting plan, petition for a relocation or handle any other legal concern you have. We help clients throughout Southwest Florida from our office in Naples. Call 239-963-2142 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment.